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No Tile Like It

I still remember that sentence which comes from a tile commercial break which is repeatedly aired on television a long time ago. I won’t tell you the name, but I will tell you a bit about the commercial and then perhaps you can guess for yourself; although I am sure that just by reading this post’s title is enough for some of you to guess which commercial it was.

The commercial was about a group of person playing a chess game with a giant chess set. They pushed the pieces around in order to play. The board is made from black and white colored tile. I remember that the end shows one side winning and the loser side’s king falls, hit the floor and then break with a heavy thud. Read the rest of this entry »

We Lacked Discipline

I like to observe other people’s behavior, even if I need to influence them a little just to know what their reaction would be. I guess for me it is quite normal to do, so if you see me stare, know that you are being observed. I have to admit that I prefer to gauge people’s reaction using my ears instead.

One of my favorite times to watch people’s behavior is when I am riding my motorcycle. I remember seeing people throwing thrash outside their car’s window onto the street. Which makes me wonder, do they even understand the concept of trash bin? I have one in my car so that we can put our trash into it to dispose of later, properly of course.

That brought me to another conclusion I have made a long time ago. Most people in Jakarta don’t really exercise enough self discipline to dispose of their trash properly. Most are just being plain ignorant about throwing their trash away. I admit that I wonder why, it was not that hard to find a trash can and put your trash there.

Perhaps we are not yet ready to take responsibility for our own action. It makes me sad, but all I can do is remembering that if I want the world to change I need to change first. I hope that it reminds me to always put away your trash properly and hope that I could be a god example for others.

Life on the Road

I cannot really claim myself as an adventurous person, but I do feel that life without a little challenge here and there would be quite dull. I also noticed that as an ordinary salary man, life gets dull sooner or later; especially if you are living the same routine day after day, week after week, years after years.

I realized that without a goal, life gets pretty boring, so I always tried to have goals that I need to accomplish even if only one at a time. To make it more interesting the goal should also be a challenging one. Although despite all of that life could get boring anyway. So that’s why we need to have vacation now and then. Read the rest of this entry »

Protect Your PC

I might not be the best person to give an opinion about Anti Virus software, but I know a good software when I use one. I have only been working as a Systems Administrator for around one and a half year, but I have been tinkering with PCs for a long time before it.

Even then, this past one and a half year I learned quite a lot about virus and anti virus in general. I have tried several Anti Virus Software, from the one the standalone ones, the free version ones, to the paid ones. I know a good Anti Virus Software when I use one. Read the rest of this entry »