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Searching Around

I am not feeling well for these past two days, I guess the workload is starting to get to me. Not to mention that I haven’t really had a decent sleep since several days ago. It has been a while since I got sick last time. I tried not to get sick because it will really make it harder to finish my work at the office.

I have to admit that besides making it harder to work and focus during the day, it would probably make me unable to help with the housework. I would also need to be careful around the kids because I don’t want to get them sick also. At times like these I really wish that the workload could subside even for only a little. Read the rest of this entry »

Beneath the Surface

I never actually want to have an aquarium or a pond. It is not because I didn’t like having one, but it is because didn’t think that I am up to the task of maintaining one. I like watching those fishes swimming in an aquarium or a pond. It has a certain relaxing effect to the mind; and for some people that is a good enough reason to have one.

I remember having one a long time ago, but it was when I was just a little kid. Back then my father did all the hard work and I can just sit there and watch. If I have to get one for myself though, I’ll be thinking really carefully before deciding that I really want one. I really think that there are a lot of equipment that can make it easier to maintain your own aquarium or fish pond. Read the rest of this entry »

Riding Story

I have been riding on a motorcycle for quite a long time now. I still rush a little when the need arise, but overall I’m quite a cautious rider. You need to be really careful, especially here in Jakarta. I observed that many people drives or rides carelessly on the road they don’t even really care about their own well-being.

Technically they all know how to make a car or a motorcycle run; they also know how to make it stop. They know how to make it turn and reach their intended destination; but they really don’t know that riding a car or a motorcycle also require them to have a sense of respect for other people. They need to have discipline and above all they should make safety, for them self and other people, their first priority. Read the rest of this entry »

Double Holiday

Tomorrow, we’ll be having a double holiday. Well actually only one is an official holiday; the other is not really an official holiday although both are celebrated around the world. To think that we’re going to celebrate the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day at the same time is quite something.

But in my office it was more apparent which one is going to be celebrated more, seeing from the batch of Chinese Cakes being wrapped in red papers and ornaments. It was quite a sight to behold, too bad I don’t remember to take any picture of it. It would make one heck of a picture. Read the rest of this entry »

Thinking About Old Times

I never actually consider myself as a thinker, but I do like to ponder about things once in a while. I remember that when I was so caught up in thinking about things some people said that I spaced out. It was not spaced out actually because I believe that in order to space out, your mind should be blank and not think about anything.

Anyway, I was recently thinking about my school days, especially the one when I was still studying in university. I remember having this dream that I was going to stay in school forever and never graduate at all. It was quite a scary dream alright; it seems so real it is almost believable. Thank God that it wasn’t the case. Read the rest of this entry »