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Increase Your Skills

One of the good things about working in my current office is that they have this program where they sent their employee to seminars and training courses so that we can increase our knowledge and skill. I always enjoyed whenever my office sent me for seminars and trainings.

The topic for those seminars and trainings usually reflects our work and doesn’t stray too much from our background, except for some leadership trainings. Since I started working, I have had Cisco, Microsoft and several other trainings. Although my office did pay for the fees, we would have to pay for the exam fee (if any) ourselves. Read the rest of this entry »

Avatar the Movie

Yesterday, I watched Avatar the movie for the second time. The first was several days before Christmas with my best buddy, the second time I went with my wife, my sis and my sis’ boyfriend. Thanks to my ma for taking care of the kids so that we may go and enjoy ourselves a little bit, it has been a while.

Both times we watched the 3D version of Avatar. I admit I was a little skeptic about 3D since the last time I remember watching something in 3D was using this glasses made of thick paper or carton with green and red plastic for the ‘lenses’. I don’t see any fun watching a movie wearing something like that.

I also remembered that before I go watch the movie for the first time, I heard one of my co-worker said that there was nothing special about the 3D effects. In the end I decided to go watch in anyway, since I want to watch that movie not because it is in 3D but because I want to see James Cameron’s grand project with my own eyes. Read the rest of this entry »