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Strange Weather

It is November already but the weather is still as hot as in the dry season. In Indonesia, being a tropical country, we only have to season; namely the dry and rainy season. Usually the rainy season start around early October up to the end of March the next year, so you can imagine why I am wondering about the current weather.

Right now the weather still feels like in the dry season; hot with no rain whatsoever. There are the occasional drizzles, but even that is rare. I don’t even remember the last time it rained. I won’t be surprised if it stays like this the whole year up until early next year.

We could use some rain right now, if only to make the temperature lower. The heat makes it rather uncomfortable to ride around the city in my motorcycle, although I don’t really expect a heavy downpour also since it made riding or even driving through the city more dangerous. You can’t really see far ahead and the rain makes it hard to navigate. Read the rest of this entry »