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The More, The Healthier

It has always been the hardest for me to start rather than to maintain. Once I got into something on a routine schedule, it is easier to find the motivation to continue doing it. Although I tend to lose my motivation if I stopped doing it for an extended period of time, like a week or two for example.

So I find it really hard to find the motivation to start working out regularly again, because I’ve stopped doing it for more than two weeks. It was more like two months actually. I was starting to get lazy and I lack the stamina that comes from working out regularly, not to mention my waistline is increasing again slightly.

To make things worse, I hardly control my daily calories intake. I ate almost everything that I wanted which is, needless to say, something that I won’t do when routine exercise is still part of my weekly, if not daily schedule. I really find it hard to return to my regular exercise routine by then; that is until help came from an unexpected source. My wife. Read the rest of this entry »