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The Side Effect of Pollution

I have been using a motorcycle to get to my destination for more than 12 years. I rarely goes by public transport anymore unless I really have to. Even in the weekend, I rarely drive my car around unless I can’t reasonably reach my destination either because of bad weather or because the distance was just too far away.

Of course it would be a different matter if I went with my family, but most of the time my motorcycle is my preferred mean of transportation throughout Jakarta. There are several things though, that makes riding a motorcycle a nuisance, such as extreme weather, the traffic and also the pollution.

The pollution is quite bad here, especially during the morning and evening rush hour, although based on my experience, the evening rush hour is the worst. I recalled being almost unable to breathe and my lungs feels like it was on fire because there is almost no oxygen left to breathe. Read the rest of this entry »

Facebook Problems

Lately I was having some problems with Facebook, especially after the update that split the feeds into two categories which, in my opinion makes it confusing to read updates from your network and friends. There is also some problems with writing comments. I found out that I cannot add comments to any updates that I receive, but it was fixed after I cleared the browser’s cache and restarted it.

I also heard that some of my friends had their default language changed, one even had status update that wasn’t her own posting. The latter case could be because she didn’t put enough attention to security while accessing the site through public computers such as internet cafes. In the end I offered to help reorganize and return her settings to what it was before.

In the end I changed the password to her Facebook and e-mail account since they shared the same password. It was no standard password so I was quite positive that she got her password stolen at an internet cafe, probably through a keylogger program. I told her to be careful the next time she access her accounts through public means, using Windows built-in On-Screen Keyboard as a precaution. Read the rest of this entry »

We Are What We Eat

My sister and I got into a little discussion this afternoon, when we stopped by a certain mall to get something cold to drink and something to eat. We both like to work out and we usually are quite picky over what we eat most of the time. So eating junk food and drinking sodas or iced lattes with whipped cream is usually last on our list.

We got into this little conversation about how we must do an extra exercise routine just to burn off those calories. Anyway she said to me that she read or heard somewhere about how people tend to wear the very best they can afford to make them look good but they didn’t care much about what they eat, even eating junk food which actually don’t do any good to them.

Well, eating and dressing up is two very different experiences. They are also very personal, so I guess different people have different preferences also. Some people care more about how they look, some people care more about how they feel. Read the rest of this entry »

The More, The Healthier

It has always been the hardest for me to start rather than to maintain. Once I got into something on a routine schedule, it is easier to find the motivation to continue doing it. Although I tend to lose my motivation if I stopped doing it for an extended period of time, like a week or two for example.

So I find it really hard to find the motivation to start working out regularly again, because I’ve stopped doing it for more than two weeks. It was more like two months actually. I was starting to get lazy and I lack the stamina that comes from working out regularly, not to mention my waistline is increasing again slightly.

To make things worse, I hardly control my daily calories intake. I ate almost everything that I wanted which is, needless to say, something that I won’t do when routine exercise is still part of my weekly, if not daily schedule. I really find it hard to return to my regular exercise routine by then; that is until help came from an unexpected source. My wife. Read the rest of this entry »

Burned Out Period

Here I go, writing a post at 5A.M in the morning. The missus is cooking breakfast in the kitchen while the children are still fast asleep. It has been a while since I last wrote a post. I really wish I could muster the will to write more often, but somehow it eluded me.

It’s hard to keep motivated all the time, especially for your typically-somewhat-lazy pal here. The problem is I really need to keep my motivation, especially for work, at a high level; considering that I have to go through simultaneous work assignments in a daily basis.

I do like being a system and network administrator, but lately I don’t respond to pressures as well as I used to. I feel a little burned out now I was thinking of taking time off from work for a while. Perhaps a vacation could cool me down a little bit, although I believe the problem is because we are undermanned at the moment. Read the rest of this entry »