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Missing it Out Again

This is getting boring, if I might say. I should have done my workout routine for 3 days at last; but this week I’ve only done it once. I have gained around 3lbs since last week, and missing my routine surely won’t help me keep my weight stable. Of course the holiday is partly to blame, since I tend to eat more when I am on holiday.

Anyway, I should have done my workout routine tonight, but I decided that I won’t do any work out if it was past midnight already. I guess I took too long cleaning my PC from dust earlier tonight. I decided that my PC needed cleaning more than I need my workout. It was way too dirty from dust. Read the rest of this entry »

Morning Routine

When I wrote about my routine, I was usually referring to my work out routine. I have other routine that I do every morning though, and that is sweeping and mopping the floor. It was quite a boring task and the reason why I keep doing it every morning is because I made a promise to my wife that she can leave the floor to me.

It gets tedious and at times I want to stop doing it, but then again a promise is a promise. At least this way the kids can play on a clean floor. It makes me wonder how easy it is for the floor to get dirty with dust just in one day. Perhaps it would be better if I put on a rug or carpet on it. Read the rest of this entry »

Lose Weight By Exercising

I used to try to lose weight by cutting on my calories intake, sometimes drastically. Although I managed to lose some weight initially, it was not very effective in the long run. There were times when I have to eat more than I need to, and after that my weight just bounced back to where it used to be.

I must admit I was clueless about losing weight the right and healthy way. I was somewhat pessimistic about my chances, so when I made losing weight as my New Year resolution, I searched the internet about the effective way to do so. Read the rest of this entry »

Missed It Again

It happened again; I missed my workout routine schedule for Monday night. I was supposed to do my circuit training routine for around 30 minutes, which I usually end with a breathing exercise I learned from martial arts as a complement to the usual cooling down routine.

I overslept when waiting for my kids to sleep, waking up at 2 o’clock in the morning. I don’t want to exercise at that hour because I am sure it is not healthy. I usually exercise at around 10 o’clock in the night, because that is when I am free from any other daily tasks. Read the rest of this entry »

Jakarta’s Traffic, Again

Traffic in the RainI am a motorcycle rider just like several hundred thousand (or even millions perhaps) other people in and around Jakarta who rely on a motorcycle to get to work. I’ve been riding a motorcycle since my university days which counts to around twelve years of motorcycle riding experience.

It was quite an experience. I’ve been through all kinds of traffic, from the most crowded that not even a motorcycle can pass through Jakarta’s peak hours during morning and evening commute, to the most deserted well past the middle of the night. I’ve also been through the worst kind of rain and heat, even riding through street with burn marks after the riot in Jakarta, around 10 years ago. Read the rest of this entry »