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Back Problems

Ever since I pulled my back when playing with my children, it still feels tight at times. I admit I didn’t always keep a straight pose all the time, both during sitting and during walking; although it was somewhat harder to keep sitting straight all the time at work, especially when I am feeling somewhat lazy.

My back feels better lately, although I need to keep reminding myself to sit straight. I know that the chair that we used can also help us sit straight. I also tried to tell my children to sit straight even though they are sitting on the floor. I guess I need to go and check my daughter’s school to see what kind of chair they use there. Read the rest of this entry »

HP dc5800 Windows Vista Experience Index

It has been more than a year since I got transferred to the IT department at my office. There’s many ups and downs, but overall I really love what I am doing for a living right now. I love computers, I am fascinated by it and doing computer related stuff for a living is fun.

I have been learning a lot this past year, although I never wrote anything here about it before. I decided to change it a little bit and try to write down what I’ve learned so that other people could benefit from my experience also. I might not write all about it, but I will try to write about the things that I thought will be useful for those who read my postings.

My companies mainly uses Windows XP for the PCs, mainly because we decided that Vista is too resource hungry to be utilized effectively on our PCs. Now that Windows 7 is set to be released in less than two months and considering the fact that Microsoft won’t be giving Windows XP support starting next year, perhaps we need to start considering using Windows 7 for our next OS of choice.

For our latest PCs we choose the HP dc5800 with Windows XP as the OS, although we have the option of installing Vista also. It was equipped with Intel Dual Core E5200 Processor, 1GB of DDR2 PC6400 and an Integrated Intel GMA 3100. It was more than enough to run Windows XP, but will it be enough to run Windows 7? I believe so, but I still want to test it out.

Yesterday we received another delivery of HP dc5800 PC with Windows Vista preinstalled. Before I downgraded it to XP, I tried to test it with Vista. If it could run Windows Vista nicely, it surely will run Windows 7 also. So I decided to run the Windows Experience Index test, and below are the result.

dc5800 Windows Vista Experience Index

dc5800 Windows Vista Experience Index

It was a good enough result and I have to admit that Vista runs quite nicely on it. So I guess upgrading to Windows 7 will most likely produce the same, if no better result. We’ll just have to see then.