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Lazy Week Confirmed


I think I am getting a little lazy with my routine workout schedule. I usually do circuit trainings during Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with a light cardio in between during Tuesday and Thursday. I admit it was partly because my weight stayed stable even with minimal training.

It could be because I keep my calories intake balanced. I rarely eat any junk food nowadays, I kept my sugar intake minimal and I make sure not to eat too much rice or carbs. I remember back then I used to eat white bread with whatever fillings such as chocolate spread, strawberry jams, even minced meat whenever I am hungry.

At times I even ate noodles and rice with whatever side dishes I can find on the table or fridge. With minimal workout around once a week, it is no wonder that I gained more than 20lbs in less than a year. I really am glad that I am finally able to lose those weights I gained after more than 5 years. Read the rest of this entry »