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Swinging It Out

Swing Sets

Last Monday, I was taking my kids to the mall. As usual, we let them play at one of the playgrounds where they can play all sorts of games such as the trampoline, slides, swings, mini bikes, bouncy balls and even a ball pool. All for a small fee of course. It was a fine day, and there were a lot of other kids there.

As I watch my daughter playing, I noticed that she enjoyed the swings more than she used to. It could be because that she is getting bigger and the swings fit properly and is easier to use this time around. Seeing her playing the swings reminded me of my own childhood. Read the rest of this entry »

Back To Normal

It’s been a while since the last time I posted anything here. I admit that I didn’t usually post often, but this time there’s a reason to the temporary absence of posting. My internet connection from Firstmedia had some problems last week, which lasted well throughout the week, prompting some concern regarding several things.

It started sometime early last week, when the connection and also the cable TV service, which was both provided by Firstmedia, went down at the same time. It usually happened when there were heavy rains in the Jakarta area, but this time there was no rain whatsoever, which concerned me. What happened exactly I don’t really know.

The internet, however, returned with only a partial functionality. I said partial because it was horribly slow and even unusable at times, refusing to display any websites that I tried to open. At first I just tried waiting until the next day, since the problem usually disappeared after a while, but unfortunately this time it won’t. Read the rest of this entry »