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Gone Too Soon

I remember that I used to play his music over and over again every time I got back from school, every time I need to be alone, and every time I went to sleep. There was a time when Michael Jackson was an important part of my life, and he has given me a lot through his music.

As I get older and the days start getting shorter. When time flies by so fast it seems almost impossible to catch up. At certain point in our lives, we are beginning to forget, beginning to care less. Perhaps it is our flaw as human, fooling ourselves by thinking that those meaningful to us will always be there.

That is when God gives us a reminder that we humans are, in fact, mortal. That time, is something we cannot go back to. At times like these we can truly relate to ourselves as a human being. Painful as it is, but we must accept the fact and go on.

Someday our path may cross again, but ’till that moment came let us bid you a fond farewell, MJ. Your passing shall not be in vain. May you rest in peace. GBU.

Insurance is Important

Especially for people who faces a higher degree of risks at their workplace. I don’t really know whether the insurance cost is the same or different, but even if the cost is higher it would still benefit the insured person. That way if anything bad happens; at least they have an advantage over people who doesn’t have insurance.

While thinking of this, a thought crossed my minds. What about people who are already at a disadvantage, such as people with disability. Is there any way for them to have insurance? Of course they should arguably have a way to have insurance; it is only fair that way. Read the rest of this entry »

Get Well Soon

My best buddy is officially a father now since his son was born earlier this month. Thank God that both the mother and the baby are healthy, although my friend was a little tired then. I know the feeling, ’cause I’ve experienced it before. I’m sure that the happiness makes it all seems trivial.

I’m a rather sad because I haven’t got the chance to visit the proud new parent. That and also because my best friend’s son have to spend more time at the hospital. It seems that his son got some kind of viral infection, which is quite normal for a newborn according to his doctor, but was advised to put his son in hospital care just to make sure everything is okay. Read the rest of this entry »

They Are Celebrities After All

I remembered reading an article sometime around last week, although I can’t really recall where I read it. It could be that I read about it online, since the internet is my main source of information nowadays. Well, that and my office coworkers gossip will do *LOL*. Can’t really live in peace, can we?

The article was about insurance, but this is no mere insurance, mind you. It was about insurances that worth millions of dollars. If we are talking about properties that also worth millions of dollar to acquire, I wouldn’t be that surprised, but it was not properties worth millions after all. Read the rest of this entry »

Squeakily Noisy

I know that it is a strange title for a blog post, but it makes you stop even if only for a while right? Anyway, let me say this: A spring bed and a pair of toddler is not a very good combination. Especially if you are trying to get them to sleep. Every time my wife and I tried to put them to sleep, they always end up jumping up and down on the bed.

It is funny watching them laughing and yelling while jumping up and down on the bed. Accompanied by those ‘squeak, squeak, squeak’ sound that is coming from the mattress, courtesy of its springy coil. Now, my children is getting heavier day by day, and I don’t think that the bed can really take that much abuse, LOL. Read the rest of this entry »