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General Election is Coming

Tomorrow we will have a General Election, or ‘Pemilu’ as we usually called it. It was a shortened name for general election in Bahasa. General Election is Pemilihan Umum in Bahasa, so we usually shortened it to ‘Pemilu’. It is more convenient that way.

I used to feel excited about ‘Pemilu’, call it the idealism of youth if you want. Now I don’t think too much of it, I just feel somewhat indifferent. I guess as long as I can earn an income in peace in order to make a living for me and my family is quite enough for me.

It was hard to trust the Political Parties, perhaps because they have a history of not telling the truth, or part of it. Although I still intend to vote anyway, assuming that I am eligible to vote, that is. Right now I am just voting for the sake of voting, in order not to let my vote be used in any way. Read the rest of this entry »