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The Biggest Loser

For those of you who are clueless, you might think that this post is about someone who is a failure, someone who loses every time. Although I believe that even if you really do lose every time, or feel that you are a failure, you will become a loser only when you stop trying, when you stopped believing.

But this post is not actually about that kind of person, this post is actually about a TV show with the exact same title. It is a reality show where they took a bunch of obese / overweight person, and in the course of few month, try and make one of them the victor by losing the most percentage of their starting weight.

I only started watching the show recently on Kabelvision’s (a cable tv provider in Jakarta, Indonesia) Hallmark channel. It was during the second season of The Biggest Loser, and even then I watched it when it was already about halfway through. To state it simply, I love watching the show! Read the rest of this entry »

Evaluating the Workload

It’s been a while, but lately the workload at the office is slowly but surely subsiding. That is truly a welcome change for me, so I can do a lot more research. I guess anyone at some point in their life must have experienced that time when they have so much more to do, but not enough time to do it.

Anyway, this is not holiday season yet, but still I think I really could use a vacation right now. We all need a vacation at certain points in our lives. A nice vacation could go a long way to rejuvenate your spirit. Perhaps in two or three years I could go in  a vacation with my family. Read the rest of this entry »

Behind the Booth

As promised, here are the pictures that I took when I participated on the General Election in Indonesia last week. The quality was so-so, considering these was taken with my cellphone. It was quite okay though, but it reminds me that I should really get a new digital camera, I’ll look it up later on.

pemilu2009aThis is the first picture which shows the election booth from the inside. Notice the letters ‘KPU’ or ‘Komisi Pemilihan Umum’ (General Election’s Committee). It was quite a small booth, and I can even see what the person next to me is voting if I tried. Not perfect but won’t complain much about it either.

pemilu2009bThis is the second picture which showed the election area from behind the booth. It was quite crowded, and we had to wait for sometime for our turn to vote. The place was not quite far though, just several hundred meters away.

Well, these are all the pictures I’ve taken. I don’t want to attract too much attention, so I deliberately keep as low profile as I can get. Perhaps I should’ve taken a camera with me next time. Oh well, I need to sleep now, it is almost 4AM in the morning and I need to go to work in 4 hours. See you all later!

Need For a Treatment

If you read my last post about the General Election in Indonesia, then you’d know that 5 days ago we had a General Election to choose which political party (we had plenty actually, which is bad in my opinion) would represent us in the Indonesia’s House of Representatives.

There’s too many wrong choices and even the ones that we thought are good doesn’t really assure us 100%. I guess that’s the way it is with politics. Who can really say that we truly trust our politician 100%? Perhaps we just clinging to that hope, where 50% reliability is okay. They end up crushing or fulfilling our hopes.

The election actually ran up pretty smooth, which made me a little bit surprised, but it was good. I went to the election booth with my family, and it was quite crowded there. I managed to take some pictures from behind the booth with my cellphone, which I’ll try to upload later. Read the rest of this entry »

General Election is Coming

Tomorrow we will have a General Election, or ‘Pemilu’ as we usually called it. It was a shortened name for general election in Bahasa. General Election is Pemilihan Umum in Bahasa, so we usually shortened it to ‘Pemilu’. It is more convenient that way.

I used to feel excited about ‘Pemilu’, call it the idealism of youth if you want. Now I don’t think too much of it, I just feel somewhat indifferent. I guess as long as I can earn an income in peace in order to make a living for me and my family is quite enough for me.

It was hard to trust the Political Parties, perhaps because they have a history of not telling the truth, or part of it. Although I still intend to vote anyway, assuming that I am eligible to vote, that is. Right now I am just voting for the sake of voting, in order not to let my vote be used in any way. Read the rest of this entry »