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To Prepare For the Journey

Oh, well, this is what you got for still awake in the wee hour before dawn. Getting too creative you just didn’t know what else to do but to vent all those creativity (creativity = frustation? hihihi). Oh well, if you read my last post about me going on a semi-vacation-pilgrimage-sorta-thing you might have a better understanding, even if only for a little bit.

Now that I think about it more, it has been quite sometime since I went on a trip that required me to fly. Using airplane that is, I’m no Supe’. From what I heard, the flight is around 3 to 4 hours long or 3.5 hours to be approximate. That’s quite a flight for me. Perhaps I’ll just continue my sleep and be awake when I’m about to arrive. Read the rest of this entry »

Another Rant on Vacation

As it happened, I got to leave town for several days. You could say that it was bad timing, being near the end of the month where most of the bills are due. It means that I have to do things at much more quicker pace than I’m comfortable with, but since I agreed to do it in the first place, I can’t really complain, can I?

I’ll be visiting the Province of South-East Celebes, for several days. It was a somewhat business trip, although not necessarily associated with my work. You can say it was a pilgrimage of sorts, with a little bit of vacation thrown in. I don’t get to bring my family though, which made me feel sad somehow.

I hope it will be nice there, and perhaps I could use a little vacation anyway, with all the workload at the office pressuring me. Speaking of vacation, this is only a domestic trip, and I really wish I can visit interesting places in the world someday. There’s several destination that I would like to visit someday.
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Noisy Neighborhood

Don’t get me wrong, my neighborhood isn’t noisy, well it is not noisy… most of the time anyway. The ones that makes it noisy is usually those darned cats which is quite aplenty around my home. What makes them so irritating anyway? Well, there are several things in my opinion.

First it’s because they tend to run along the rooftop at night, especially after midnight when we, my family and my neighbors, are sleeping soundly in our beds. Often times it was a group of them running around from rooftops to rooftops, disturbing our sleep.

Secondly, it’s also because they are not satisfied with just running around. It’s also because they like to do other things that cats do. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Season 8 Top 11

I just finished watching this week’s American Idol show about half an hour ago. This time, the top eleven tried their best, although in my opinion only a few actually managed to really shine and show how good they really are. This time, I will do a person-by-person review.

Just a note before you read my “review”, this is solely my opinion, there’s bound to be some disagreement, so don’t take it too seriously. I just hope you’ll find it interesting enough to keep on reading the post. Enough of that now, and here’s the “review”, sorted by order of appearance:
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The Rain Effect on the Lighting

Although it is mid march already, the effect of the raining season still hangs around in my home, literally. Actually they hang around on my ceiling. Bit strange you might think, but what I am talking about is the light bulbs that provides me with, light of course.

What’s up with the bulbs? Apparently, being the old building that it is, the roofing is beginning to show its age. Water managed to seep through to the light fixture on the terrace, which makes it unusable for the time being. At least until I can persuade myself to check on it. Read the rest of this entry »