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Gaining a Little

By the title, I mean weight. Lately some of my friends, whom I have not met for quite some time until recently, said that they thought I gained a little weight. It could be true, oh heck, who am I fooling here? Of course I gained weight!

That’s what you got if you cut your working out time. I usually do heavy work outs during the weekends, and some light workouts during the weekdays. But it has been almost a month now since I did any work outs at all. Like it or not, I am gaining weight. Besides that, I am also getting stiff, my joints and muscles started to ache easily.

I really need to go and start working out again now, but I have to admit that starting again after being a lazy couch potato is hard. My body is getting used to sitting around doing minimal work. No wonder my friends said that I am gaining weight. Read the rest of this entry »

They’re Everywhere!

No, not that scary stuff! I was referring to those ads that surrounds us, they’re literally everywhere. Even the virtual world and the gaming world is not safe from them anymore. They’ve even put ads that will show up as your favorite game is loading, or so I read.

There’s billboard and screens everywhere, with size ranging from gigantic to minuscule. Whenever I went to the office or going home, I can see this gigantic billboard everywhere. Now, you can even see one being put in a residential area.

There’s also the small ones, which is being put inside office buildings. Such as those LCD screens that I see everyday when I’m waiting for the elevator. There’s no escaping them it seems, not even when I’m browsing online. What a commercial world we’re living in now. Read the rest of this entry »

Coffee, Anyone?

I don’t really like drinking coffee that much, though. If I drink, I don’t want to drink black coffee / espresso, but I prefer cappuccino or mochaccino instead. Even then, I rarely drink any of them, because actually I prefer to drink green tea.

I have to admit though, that there are occasion where I actually need or even wanted to drink coffee. Such as when I was feeling sleepy at work, or when I was taking a training course for my work needs. Although such occasion was few, perhaps only two or three times a year. Read the rest of this entry »

Feeling Rather Unwell

Okay, I admit that it was not exactly unwell as in the global sense, because the only thing that bothers me is my stomach. I don’t really know why my stomach is upset now. It could be that I overeat lately. Or it could be because of that spicy green chili that I ate for lunch and dinner. What can I say, even though it was a different dish, green chili is still delicious. Very spicy, but delicious nonetheless.

I really love spicy foods, the more spicy the better. The downside is, my stomach usually get upset as the result. Although I really have to admit, that even an upset stomach won’t deter me from eating spicy foods. There are exceptions, of course, but I’ll save those for future posts. Read the rest of this entry »

Victims of Prejudice

It happened last week, when I was going to lunch with several other coworkers. We were inside the elevator, when it stopped just one floor below ours. There, a tall foreigner entered the elevator, carrying with him a large brown box and a bag. The tall guy is a Caucasian, well groomed, and good looking.

Since the floor belongs to a well-known international mining company, we are used to seeing foreigners in and around our office building nowadays, where it was a rare sight just a couple of months ago. Perhaps it will soon be a rare sight again, since it looks like they’re moving, judging from the look of things.

I noticed that the box the tall guy was carrying has a large printed label on the side, with what looked like his name also printed upon it. Read the rest of this entry »