Archive for October 4th, 2008

Bite the Tongue

No, really. I really did bite my tongue a few days ago. I can tell you that it was very painful, and that I bit my tongue so hard that it bleeds. Not a very pleasant experience, I tell you. It was rare for me to accidentally bite my tongue, but to bite it so hard that it bleed is a first time for me.

It was bad enough that I bite my tongue, but what makes it worse is that It still hurts, even after several days. The wound is at the tip of my tongue, so right now whenever I tried to talk, it hurts. Whenever I tried to talk, people usually have a hard time understanding me because my voice sounded rather muffled. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Happening Again

What is happening again you say? None other than acne that is. Since my facial skin is rather oily with big pores, and also because I ride a motorcycle to the office, acne problems is something that I have to cope with regularly.

I remember that the acne problems is more severe when I was still in University, perhaps that is also because of high hormone level. It could also because I didn’t pay much attention to clean my face regularly, or perhaps because I also ride a motorcycle then. Read the rest of this entry »