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Presently at the Office

Today’s been quite hectic for me, but to tell the truth, almost everyday is hectic now, especially since I moved to the new section around 2 months ago. It was hectic, tiring and sometimes annoying, but it was more fun than I’ve ever had on my previous section. Everyday I am doing something that I loved to do, I consider myself lucky and blessed.

My current work does have some ups and downs, but so far I am enjoying it as much as I can. Although I do get carried away sometimes, since I am the type of person that found it hard to leave something I am doing, unless it is finished, and this tendency, coupled with the workload, makes me can’t go home as early as I used to do.

Thank God my wife understands, although she did mention that she would prefer that I went back earlier than I did lately. It was hard, but I tried my best. I can’t really say that it was very successful, but I really need to lighten up a little since I felt that I tried to do everything myself whenever the opportunity arises. Read the rest of this entry »

Error When Burning DVD/CD

It happen a couple of days ago. It has been a while since I recorded anything on my LiteOn DVD Writer optical drive, so I was surprised and a little bit annoyed that it failed to record my data to a Sony DVD+R discs. And to make matters worse, it failed on me three times!

You can imagine how annoying it could be! I tried two burning softwares; the first one is ImgBurn, which is a freeware DVD/CD burning solution that I just tried. I forget what exactly the error was, but it just won’t burn my data. Since it was my first time trying the software, I tried using another software just to make sure.

The second software that I tried was Nero 7 Express which comes bundled with my DVD drive. As it happened, Nero failed me too, so I was starting to think that the problem was not with the software. Fortunately, this time I remember to take note of the problem which is “DMA-driver error, CRC error” in Nero. Read the rest of this entry »