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Finding the Right Tools

I have to admit, despite the workload at my new team, I am rather enjoying my time. As I have told you before, computer is one of my passion, so spending the entire day in front of my PC finding new things to do or trying to do old thing in a better more efficient way is quite fun.

Although I haven’t got the proper training, so far my job assignments didn’t really take a lot of learning since I have been doing it for years now. Of course I did need a little adjusting to the pace and all, but overall it was manageable.

Right now my main responsibilities is installing User Software and setting up new PCs or even reinstalling the old PCs that require it. I’m really thankful for the internet; coupled with a good internet connection, you can find virtually anything on the internet. Read the rest of this entry »

Cuil – The New Google Contender?

Cuil's WebsiteYesterday, I was browsing through my BBC feeds as usual when I read this article about Cuil, a new search engine that aims to rival Google. As it happens, the founders of Cuil (pronounced “cool”) are former Google staffers, so I found it rather interesting.

First thing I want to know is how Cuil’s website looks. It was simpler than Google’s, the background is all black and the logo is in silver and blue. After that I tried doing a search on Cuil about Google (seems fitting to me). Read the rest of this entry »

Do I Really Need a Vacation?

It has been a while since I last went on a vacation, and to tell the truth I still wonder whether I need a vacation or not. But apparently I do need a vacation considering the workload I am having now at the workplace.

It is true that I had been transferred to the Network Admin / Support team. But because my office just recently bought a new server, we need to manually join the PCs in our office to the new domain and that is not easy.

I have never trained formally in any Windows related software. All m knowledge is strictly self taught or taught by other people to me. But it is true that I have this deep passion about computer, and that is the reason that I accept the offer to move to the Admin team. Read the rest of this entry »

A Very ‘Late’ Birthday

A have a very interesting experience today. It stall started yesterday when a cousin of mine sent a text message concerning my other cousin which happened to be on holiday here in Indonesia. Because she and her parents live in a far away country, we didn’t get to meet very often and it has been 2 years since we last met her.

Her holiday here is coming to an end and she and her parents have to go back to their home next week, so we are planning to meet together, grab a bite and have some fun before tonight. My cousin suggested that we have dinner together at the Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta.

Because almost all of us worked full time, my cousin said that we will all have dinner on Friday night, after office hours. I agreed and I arrived half an hour late after the appointed time since work is holding me back at the office. When I arrived, my cousin who arranged the event have already arrived with her younger sister. Not very long after that, my cousin’s husband arrived. Read the rest of this entry »

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

It was only my first week after I was transferred to my new division of Network Admin / Support when sudenly one of my co-worker from my new division quits the job for reason that I cannot disclose of here. Even though we’ve only been working together in the same team for less than a week, but I’ve known him since I first start working on the company.

There’s still a lot of things that I want to learn from him, and unique as he is though, he is still a very fun and knowledgeable person. He’s smart and knows a lot of things that I cannot find easily or that which would take a long time for me to acquire. Read the rest of this entry »