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Euro 2008 Final Showdown

Okay, I admit that the title is somewhat ‘inappropriate’, for lack of a better word. Anyway, back to the matter at hand, tonight in the Ernst-Happel Stadium in Vienna, Austria, the final match of Euro 2008 between Germany and Spain is going to take place.

After almost a month of quality football (most of them though) Euro 2008 ending is almost here. After tonight’s match (or early morning here in Indonesia) we can all go back to our normal sleeping schedule. Staying up until the early morning just to watch a single football match is tiring, doing that for almost a month is asking for early retirement.

As much as I wanted to watch the final match, I don’t think I will. Read the rest of this entry »

Euro 2008 Quarter Final Results

Spain Vs ItalyThese last few days is full of surprises, especially regarding the Euro 2008 Quarter Final results. As it happened, Spain and Italy are fighting for the last ticket into the semifinal right now, and I am watching it as I write this.

The first ticket went to Germany after they beat Portugal 3 – 2 last Thursday. The second ticket went to Turkey after they beat Croatia 3 – 1 on penalties and the third ticket went to Russia after they beat Netherlands 3 – 1 after extra time.

Surely these results are surprising because as my neighbor said, the ones who get through are the runner ups for each group. Read the rest of this entry »

An Evening Chat With A Friend

Last night I got into a chat with a best friend of mine. He just recently got married and I have to admit I was kin of curious how he would cope with married life. Judging from our conversation, I must say that he handles it better than thought and as his best buddy I am very proud of him.

Although lately I don’t get to talk as often as usual with him. Before he got married, we usually chatted until the wee hours of the morning. We used to play games together too, although it has been quite sometime since we last played together.

Nowadays we don’t get to chat as often because since getting married, he and his wife stays on his father in law’s house. Read the rest of this entry »

Not Just Another Day

Lately my body didn’t feel quite as usual. Perhaps that it because I didn’t get enough sleep, thanks to the Euro 2008 championship. Because of the five hours or so difference in Austria and Switzerland’s time zone to Indonesia’s time zone, the match here started at 11P.M and 2A.M. And because the matches are being held each and every, I didn’t get enough sleep because I still have to go to the office in the morning.

But this morning I have needed to go to the office early because I had a special assignment to do that require me to go with a co-worker of mine because my co-worker didn’t know the way to the place where our assignment were being held. Because it said specifically that we need to arrive on time for the assignment, going early will help achieve it.

Because of the nature of the assignment, I can’t really tell the details. Read the rest of this entry »

Indonesian Computer Festival

Festival Komputer Indonesia or The Indonesian Computer Festival is being held from June 11th to June 15th 2008. This was the biggest event yet, being held simultaneously at 6 major cities in Indonesia. You can see the schedule on the Indonesian Computer Festival’s website.

Being a computer major, I used to consider visiting this kind of show as mandatory. Especially because you can learn a lot and besides that you can also found many good deals and bargains there. Unfortunately I won’t be able to visit the show this time since my schedule is very tight this week.

I am rather disappointed by this because it has been a while since an event this big was held. I found events such as this to be informational and even educational. There are also economic factor to be considered because I usually can found a pretty good deal on computer peripherals. Read the rest of this entry »