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Keeping A Steady Body Weight Is Not Easy

I’ve noticed lately that people are showing more interest in their health. They are more careful of what they eat, they tried to exercise regularly and more importantly they also tried to lose their weight. Perhaps that is because there is a lot of illness that is caused by weight problems.

People who are overweight have bigger chance to experience health problem, such as heart attack, cardiac arrest or diabetes. So people are trying their best to lose their weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. There are gyms everywhere in Jakarta. From the most modest to the most exclusive, they offer people a way to get healthier. Read the rest of this entry »

The Rise Of Gasoline Prices In Indonesia

Because of the recent steady increase of global oil prices, the Indonesian Government decided that it can no longer subsidize gasoline prices without sacrificing the nation’s spending budget. So on May 24th at exactly midnight, the price of gasoline is increased around 30% for standard leaded fuel (Premium) from Rp 4.500,- to Rp 6.000,-; and around 15% for diesel fuel (Solar) from Rp 4.350,- to Rp 5.000,-.

Just like the price increase around 3 years ago in year 2005, last night you can witness people queuing at almost all gas station in the country in order to buy fuel at its old price, until midnight that is. At some gas stations, the queue line even reached 500m long. And police are deployed at gas stations around the country to prevent criminal act. Read the rest of this entry »

Playing Golf Sure Looks Fun!

Even though I’ve never played real golf before, I have always been fascinated with it. In my opinion golf is a sport that requires a high degree of concentration and finesse. Perhaps that is why golf is considered as an exclusive sport.

The only golf game I’ve ever played is on my computer. Although I remember once seeing a commercial ad of Tiger Woods playing golf using Nintendo Wii. That was both cool and funny and perhaps can be seen as an alternative for people who would want to get a feel on what golf was like before buying their own club set. Read the rest of this entry »

David Cook Is The New American Idol!

David Cook versus David ArchuletaI’ve got to tell you, last weekend was one of the most tiring I’ve ever had for a while. Actually this whole months have been quite intense, I feel drained somewhere along the way. This is also reflected in my post, I just couldn’t find the energy to wake up late and make a post every couple of days. My post count this month is still less than five!

Blogging is actually harder than I first thought it would be. You have to be constantly creative to be able to find something that is actually useful to write. Thank God I still have American Idol shows to write about, but even that I didn’t get to write as often as I would’ve liked.

Anyway, I just watched the American Idol Finale Result Show a few hours ago when David Cook is declared the winner of the infamous singing talent competition show. There are some controversies, though you cannot expect less from American Idol, but not by much. In my opinion, David Cook deserves to win American Idol Season 7. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Archie fan, but David Cook is better than him.

I read on the American Idol website that some people think Syesha’s the better singer than the Davids. Well, she improved a lot, much more than the others in my opinion, but she’s still rough around the edges sometimes, especially when she’s singing ballad-type songs.

As an example, when she is singing the USA’s national anthem at the Tampa Bay Rays’ game in Florida which you can also read on my last post about American Idol. She’s dragging the song and sings most of it at the top of her voice. That makes the song harder to enjoy and rather awkward to the ear. But she did excel in Broadway-esque songs in my opinion. And finishing 3rd was as best a result for her.

As for the Finale, I have to be fair. According to Simon, David Archuleta delivered a knockout blow to David Cook, but later he corrected himself saying that his comment was bordering toward disrespect for David Cook. Was it because after he reviewed the Finale Performances he realized that David Cook was the better performer, or was it because he already knew the result firsthand and was attempting to restore David Cook’s honor after his comment the night before? Read the rest of this entry »