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David Archuleta’s Dad Banned From The Show

David Archuleta's Singing Stand By MeI need to apologize on two things. First, because I haven’t done any post regarding American Idol Top 4 performance and result show last week. Second, because there’s a good chance I might not be able to write another post until next week.

My best buddy of 25 years is getting married, and he asked me to sing in his wedding reception. I’m just an amateur singer, mind you. I usually only accept such request from people who are close to me. I’m not actually a professional Wedding Singer. But I do love to sing, and considering this as doing a favor for my buddy.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. If you are curious about the title, this news is one of the most talked about stuff regarding American Idol lately. It was said that David Archuleta’s dad is being banned from the show and also the rehearsal as well. Why is that so? Read the rest of this entry »