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American Idol Top 12 Performance

American Idol Season 7 Contestant Brooke WhiteYesterday I almost missed all of the American Idol Top 12 Performances Show! My office held an after office hour party to celebrate the birthday party of several people from the management position. I am the lucky few of the non-management positioned person to be invited. It is an honor of course and I thought that, worst case scenario, I’d already be home by 22.30, just in time to watch the show. But sometimes thing doesn’t always go the way you wanted, and that was the case for last night. As it happened, somehow the traffic to the place where the party was held is having a severe traffic jam. Because of that, the party which is supposed to start at 18.30P.M didn’t start until 20.00 since almost all of the guests are late because of the traffic jam.

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American Idol Top 16 Result Show – Top 12 Contestants Named

America has finally decided on who they would like to see on American Idol Top 12. On the American Idol Top 16 Result Show last Thursday, American Idol reveals who made it to the Top 12. If you read my post about the Top 8 Male Contestants, then you’ll surely notice that, in my opinion, Luke and Danny are going home. As it happened, America also felt the same way about who should go through to the next round. Make no mistake, they are not bad singers, it’s just that the others are better.

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American Idol – Top 8 Guys’ Performance

American Idol Logo #2This is it. This is the last week before we enter the next stage of American Idol. Surely the contestants feels the need and pressure to perform very well this week, especially since there are going to be another two male contestants that won’t make it to the next stage.

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Internet Connection in Indonesia

Ever since I got acquainted with the Internet in 1997 an internet connection is a must for me, quite frankly because internet have become a way of living for me especially now that I have my own website. I’ve moved several times since then, so I got to use several different means of connection because not every option for an internet connection is available to me every time I moved. I have been using internet from dial up to broadband, from using standard modem to using cell phones.

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American Idol – Top 20 Result Show

While I’m sure most people have already known who got sent home last Friday, I still want to make a post about American Idol Top 20 Result Show. For me there are some surprises regarding who got sent home last Friday. In case you’ve been away from the internet, television, or even you don’t really care about American Idol in general, let me tell you then that the ones who got sent home was Alexandréa, Alaina, Jason and Robbie.

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