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Firstmedia – Affordable Internet in Jakarta

First Media’s HomepageIf you happened to read my previous post about internet connection in Indonesia which I wrote around 3 weeks ago, then you should’ve known that right now, I am using Fastnet internet service from Firstmedia. As of now, they own the only cable TV and internet network in Indonesia, they are also the first one to offer unlimited broadband internet with speed ranging from 384Kbps to 3Mbps, and not to mention a very reasonably priced internet service. As of now, they have the best price for internet service in Jakarta, Indonesia.

At Firstmedia, a 384Kbps unlimited internet connection is priced at IDR 99.000 (around USD 10) and that is as cheap an internet connection that you can find in Jakarta at the moment. But in order to subscribe to their internet service, they also require you to be a subscriber of their Cable TV service. With a basic plan priced at IDR 99.000 it brings their most basic plan of internet and cable TV service to a fee of IDR 188.000 (around USD 20) and that is in my opinion, the most reasonably priced internet connection in Jakarta at the moment. Read the rest of this entry »