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Judging American Idol – The Top 24 Contestants

American Idol LogoTo say that I like American Idol is actually an understatement. I love the show so much I’m willing to stay up late just to be able to watch it. So I think, why not try and make a post based on my personal opinion of the 24 contestants. Too bad the idea only came to me this evening, so I didn’t think I can accurately express my opinion of the guys’ performance since it has been almost a day away. So I’ll just write about the girls’ performance for this week. Next week, I really hope I can write for both the guys’ and girls’ performance.

So here are my opinions of the girls’ performance. I tried to be as objective as I can in writing these opinions, but unfortunately I didn’t always manage to. But these are just my personal opinion so please don’t take it too personally.

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