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Blogsvertise’s Website

In my last post, I asked whether it is possible to earn money from blogging. As a matter of fact, on Indra’s Website, he recommends a site that he himself visited often. The website name is Blogsvertise. Here you can earn cash by doing a paid review(s) of other websites’ products and services that advertises themselves through the site, hence the name.

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Can You Really Earn Money From Blogging?

This topic intrigues me a lot! But honestly, I haven’t really give it much thought. Not until I, either by chance or by divine intervention, stumbled upon this person’s site. His name is Indra Diky, and you can found his site here. I was quite surprised when I read his writing. And then I begin to read more, and more of it.

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My New Personal, Virtual Living Space

Finally! My new website is up and running! Now, I have a website with my own name on it. I’d be lying if I say that I’m not proud of it. It may still need a lot of tweaking, but as of now, the site is presentable enough. I’ll do the tweaking while adding content to this site. This is the first post that I actually write here. The other posts that you see, is my writing from my other blogs that I won’t be updating again.

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