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Demolition Man

Last night, I read about Wesley Snipes on the net. And, unfortunately, it is not about his new movie. It is not even about any movie in general. As it happens, Mr. Snipes was charged with tax fraud and conspiracy. But he was later acquitted of those charges. But he was still found guilty of three misdemeanor charges of failing to file tax returns. And he could face up to three years in prison. One year for each charge. You can read the news on CNN’s website.

I really wish him well during this time. This is not going to be easy for him. But it will especially be hard for his wife and children. I have to admit that I liked his movie. I remember seeing him in Demolition Man, playing the antagonist to Sylvester Stallone. They were both put in suspended animation. And are later awakened in future Los Angeles where the people are peace loving. The funny thing is, when they were put into suspended animation, they were subject to an experiment that literally ‘writes’ new abilities into their brains. Where Snipes gets the deadly and cool abilities like Martial Arts, Sly gets more passive abilities such as knitting. I still remember the action is quite good.

But despite the action, the scene I remember most is where Sandra Bullock’s character takes Sly’s to her place. You have to see it for yourself. It was very funny! The only problem is where to find this movie since it was released around 15 years ago. The only place I could find it is on I hope you have better luck than me, and are able to find it on a rental near where you live. Good luck!

Jakarta After the Rain

These last couple of days, Jakarta is experiencing heavy rainfalls. I remember the rain started on Thursday evening. It continued to rain until Friday afternoon. But even by midday, some part of the city is already flooded. It reminds me of last year when Jakarta is paralyzed by heavy rainfall that caused flood in more than half of the city’s streets and homes. Apparently, the flood is less severe than last year. And at the moment, I was able to breathe.

Thinking that, I wouldn’t have to worry about flood. I even managed to enjoy the view after the rain. When I looked at the horizon from my office window, I can see the faint outline of Mt. Salak, which, during normal days are anything but possible to see. Covered by the polluted air of Jakarta. I wish the clean air can last everyday, but I don’t think it’s possible. So I will just have to enjoy the view while it last. I even took a picture of it!

But, sadly, today the rain has come again. And it doesn’t show signs of stopping. According to the weather prediction, the heavy rain will last until sometimes at the end of next week. If that happens, then I am sure that the flood is going to be as worse, if not more, than last year’s. I can only pray that that won’t happen again.