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Judging American Idol – The Top 20 Contestants

American Idol LogoThe fewer they got, the harder it is to say, who won’t make it through. This week I think the boys put on a much better performance than the girls. Perhaps because of a several singer who did an outstanding job last Tuesday. For me David Archuleta, David Hernandez and Chikezie are the top three performers.

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Bogor – The City of Rain

Lo Mie BogorBogor is a city in West Java around 35 miles to the south of Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia, with the tendencies to rain almost everyday regardles of season (hence the post title). Usually accessed via Jagorawi toll road, the earliest toll road in Indonesia. With a population around 3 million, Bogor is a quite busy city. My Grandpa lives there with my Uncle and his Family. We usually visited them regularly, at least once a month. I enjoyed going there on a regular basis because of the absence of a busy metropolitan and also because I had so many sweet and fond memory there. One of my favorite is the food. Bogor have its share of delicacies that cannot easily be found in other places.

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Technology for Future Generations

Grand Engineering ChallengesJust a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon an article about Nanotechnology on BBC NEWS’ site. The article suggests that by 2029, machines will achieve human – level artificial intelligence. And also that tiny robots will be implanted in our bodies to improve our intelligence and health. It sounded like a thing from a Science Fiction Movies or Games! I admit that I am a little skeptic about that claim. Well, I have to wait another 20 or more years to see if it turns out to be true.

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American Idol – Top 24 Result Show

So here I am, posting an update as promised regarding my last post where I reviewed the top 12 girls’ performance. Since they aired the show a day late than the original, I actually can go to the internet and see who got sent home on Thursday night. But since I want the result show to have their intended impact on me, which is the excitement of not knowing the results until the last possible moments, I decided to wait.

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Judging American Idol – The Top 24 Contestants

American Idol LogoTo say that I like American Idol is actually an understatement. I love the show so much I’m willing to stay up late just to be able to watch it. So I think, why not try and make a post based on my personal opinion of the 24 contestants. Too bad the idea only came to me this evening, so I didn’t think I can accurately express my opinion of the guys’ performance since it has been almost a day away. So I’ll just write about the girls’ performance for this week. Next week, I really hope I can write for both the guys’ and girls’ performance.

So here are my opinions of the girls’ performance. I tried to be as objective as I can in writing these opinions, but unfortunately I didn’t always manage to. But these are just my personal opinion so please don’t take it too personally.

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