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Long time no see…

Ah, after several months of absence. I finally returned. It’s been awhile, and, boy do I miss this spot. All this time, among the daily routine which sometimes threatened to bury me in a pile of assignments. From the most trivial, to the most important. But hey, I realized during this last 7 months of my life, whether I like it or not, have been undergoing a change of attitude. Especially toward life in general. Not by much I admit. But enough to keep it on the positive level.

But, the biggest change that really have an impact on my life is the fact that I’m now married, and that in two months time…. I’m going to be a father…. Can you imagine that? Me? A father? You tell that to me 3-4 years ago, I’d thought you are out of your mind. But then again, it is now a fact I must live up to. Take responsibility and be more mature than I currently am. Now THAT will take some effort. Well, I tried to let go. Not to worry to much. Trust myself and my family into the Hands of the Lord. Be a more faithful man. None of them is easy, but then again, only time will tell. For now, I’ll end my story, before I lost it completely. Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll return to this spot again and ponder. Perhaps then the answers will be revealed to me….