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Flat tire, anyone? (Part I)

I’ve only got about twelve minutes tops.
I have to ride faster, or else I’ll be late…. again..
Just another three traffic light and I’ll be safe…
Let’s go for…wait…my rear tire feels strange…..
Oh, no…not now….darn….

This morning, my rear tire failed me.

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I don’t have the heart…

Tidak tahukah
dia tentang diriku
yang tak mungkin mencinta
di saat tak tepat lagi….

What did you mean to say with those emerald eyes of yours?
Is it just me? Am I just imagining things?
Is it longing I see? Is it sadness, or even regret?
Intertwine our pathways in life does,
though separates it will….

I’ll pray for your happiness,
may you find it somewhere out there,
somewhere you can keep on smiling beautifully….

Take care….

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Midnight ramblings

Well, here I am.. In the middle of the night, still awake, trying to make whatever fun I can get with what little free time I have… Sometimes, I feel that work is taking too much time from my life, and there’s nothing I can do to change it… Well, except perhaps if I can find the courage and perseverance to do it…

In times like this, I only realized how precious it is to spend time just with yourself, no phone rings, no sound whatsoever (except my PC and the sound of my fingers pressing the keyboard). Just me and myself, spending time together… One of the few oasis that I can find to soothe this tired soul of mine…

Darn, suddenly there’s so many thing passes through my mind that I want to write! Well, perhaps another opportunities will arrive, though whether my mood arrives together with it still remains to be seen…

Goodnight self…..

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