The Courage to Live

I was reminded earlier that in this life it is important to have courage..

The courage to stand up for yourself..
The courage to admit that you are not always right..
The courage to accept yourself for what you are..
The courage to keep on living no matter how hard it can be sometimes..

There are times when I feel afraid of life..
Especially when it feels like everyone or everything is against you.. Read the rest of this entry »

Taking it Higher

I love watching television, or at least I used to. I remember watching television well past midnight back in my younger days. I didn’t watch television as often as I used to do back then, although I still did once in a while. I am glad for cable television because it offers so many choices, although I admit I didn’t really watch all the channels.

Not all the channels are in HD though, because not all the cable connection supported the digital connection. Even the one in my house is still in analog connection with no clear info when the cable company will upgrade the existing analog connection to digital connection. Even if they do replace the current connection, I don’t really think my television supported digital input yet. Read the rest of this entry »

Beyond the Sea

A coworker of mine is spending his days atop an offshore oil rig. I have never been to an offshore oil rig before, let alone spending two weeks straight working at an oil rig. I know that you cannot just go and work in an oil rig, there are a lot of prerequisite to fulfill before you can actually be considered to work at one.

I also know that it is quite hard and expensive to get the required certification, which is understandable considering the risks and hazards often associated with such work. I heard from my coworker that the weather is not quite friendly, with high wind and waves making life more complicated. Read the rest of this entry »

Making a Mark

I remember one time when the internet is only for the select few. I also remembered using a dial up modem to access the BBS. I know that being online could be categorized as mandatory now. We have come a long way since then, I guess. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t have a Twitter or Facebook account nowadays.

Most of us even have take it even further by having a blog that is regularly updated. Although the reasons behind why we make a blog are varied. Some people make it to write about things that they are passionate about, some people write a blog to write about things that they are passionate about and are getting paid for it. Read the rest of this entry »

Raining Heavily Outside

It has been raining heavily since half an hour ago, making it hard to get outside unless you are really determined to go or have something really important to do. I have an appointment in an hour, so I hope the rain won’t last that long. I really don’t want to go through the rain if I don’t have to.

At times like this I usually just spend the time working around in front of my PC or doing something with the kids. Although sometime playing too much games or doing things on the PC can get boring. Maybe I can think of something else to spend my time waiting for the rain to stop. Read the rest of this entry »